Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you can find what you’re looking for here, but if not, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team with any questions you may have.

What do I need to do to make an appointment at Excel Psychology?

You're welcome to make an appointment by phoning, emailing or stopping by our office. There is no need for a referral from your doctor. On the other hand, your doctor might help you by providing a Mental Health Care Plan. There’s more information about this below.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan?

Mental Health Care Plan (MCHP) allows you to claim a Medicare rebate for psychological services. The rebate may be claimed at the time of your appointment.

A MHCP currently provides up to 20 individual sessions with the Medicare rebate in a calendar year (1 January - 31 December.) Before COVID-19, the number of Medicare sessions was 10 per year, however, there is currently an additional 10 sessions (20 in total) available for those who need continued support.

Your referring GP will assess your progress after the first 6 sessions and decide whether to make another referral if any further treatment is required. After you have reached the maximum number of session (10) for the current calendar year, you can see your GP to talk about the additional 10 sessions that are currently available. After you have used 20 sessions in a calendar year, you will no longer be eligible for Medicare funding until the next calendar year rolls over.

How do I get a Mental Health Care Plan?

Your GP will assess whether a MHCP is suitable for you. Your GP would prepare the MHCP if they deem it appropriate. This will depend on the results of their assessment, your needs, goals and actions, appropriate referrals, required treatment/services, and a review date. It’s best to contact your GP if you’d like more information about this.

Do I have to have a MHCP to see a psychologist?

No. Anyone can see a registered psychologist. Without a MHCP you simply pay the full fee, or use private health insurance for your sessions.

What is a provisional psychologist?

Psychologists are required to complete a minimum of 4 to 5 years of university education, following which, they can begin practice as a Provisional Psychologist. Provisional Psychologists are able to practice as registered Psychologists would, with additional mentoring and supervision.

You can read more about provisional psychologists by clicking here.

Is it possible to claim psychological services with my private health insurance?

Yes, private health insurance is another option for a rebate. The amount of rebate is dependent on your insurance plan. Check with your insurer for further information.

Can I claim both the Medicare Rebate and Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately not, either Medicare or Private Health Insurance may be used. They are not allowed to be used at the same appointment.

What will it cost me?

Sessions with a Clinical Psychologist are $240 and the Medicare rebate is $129.55, leaving a gap of $110.45. Sessions with a Psychologist are $200 and the Medicare rebate is $88.25, leaving a gap of $111.75. Payments can be made using EFTPOS, cash, or credit card.

Each session is approximately 50-60 minutes in duration. You can receive your Medicare rebate on-the-spot at our clinic, which means the rebate funds are instantly put into your account. You just need to have your debit card (cheque or savings account) with a pin to receive the Medicare rebate.

Do you offer Bulk Billing?

Unfortunately the spaces we have for fully bulk billed sessions are currently full. If you meet the bulk billing criteria listed on our fees page, please call our admin to discuss a reduced rate that we can arrange for you.

Do you offer Telehealth sessions?

Yes, we do. It’s best to contact us about your Telehealth needs, and if this is the best way for you to have counselling.

We currently offer Telehealth sessions by Zoom (video) or telephone.

I'm not sure if I need counselling, can I talk to someone first?

We’re here to help. If you're unsure about whether you need counselling, book a free, no obligation consultation.

Our practice manager is able to offer free 15 minutes consultations, where you'll be able to discuss happening in your life and what is best for you. Call our friendly admin team on (07) 3868 2221 if you would like to arrange a free consultation.