What you do today can improve all your tomorrows

- Ralph Marston

Where Excel began

While living in a small town in Far North Queensland, Francesca dreamed of working in a supportive, collaborative environment.  When she moved to Brisbane in 2013, she saw Excel Psychology as the perfect start to her vision.  At the time, Excel was in its early days.  It had 3 part time psychologists and 2 rooms.  The goal was to create a lovely team of professionals who would provide high quality therapeutic support in an environment that is good for everyone involved.  We want our service to be good for clients, doctors and other referrers, of course, but also good for staff and psychologists who work there.  We have been working hard over the past many years to make this dream a reality.  Luckily for Excel, we found our Practice Manager, Felix, in 2014 and things really started to flow.

In 2016 , Excel had outgrown the 2 rooms in Racecourse Road and we found an office in Constance Street, Fortitude Valley.  It was a big empty space when we turned the key, but we carefully planned and built four lovely, spacious and therapy-focused rooms, designed to provide a calming environment with a focus on incorporating restorative natural elements.  At that point, we had 6 psychologists on our team.  As we settled into our lovely new offices, we thought with double the number of rooms, it would take us a long time to outgrow the space.  A few years later, we were again running out of space. 

In 2019, we made the difficult decision to open a second office.  We didn’t want to turn away people who need our service, so we would have to expand to meet the need.  On the other hand, we want to ensure our offices are friendly and comfortable, so moving to a bigger office seemed like the wrong direction to go.  Instead, we decided to open a second office.  We found a nice space in Spring Hill and created 5 unique rooms that we feel convey our welcoming intention.   Now we have 12 Psychologists, 4 staff and 9 rooms across 2 locations.  

We’re dedicated to staying true to our vision of making the experience for anyone we work with; staff, clients, psychologists or referrers, a pleasant and uplifting experience.  Excel Psychology is about helping people move forward, ever upward, and always improving.  That’s why we choose clouds and blue sky to convey our place, we want you to feel uplifted when you work with us and hope that you do.


The Excel Story

“Excel Psychology is about helping people improve, ever upward, always improving. That’s why we choose clouds and blue sky to convey our place, we want you to feel uplifted when you work with us and hope that you do.”